What we need now is your action.
Here, your thoughts take shape.
We are an organization that supports children living in foster home.
These are children that have suffered physical, mental, sexual abuse, neglect at the hands of adults. Our organization is connected to foster home across Japan, and every year we donate money to these children.
Our foundation was established by related parties who work directly in the field with the goal of protecting these children.

What is an foster home?
An children’s home is a type of child welfare facility, as described in the Child Welfare Act.
Article 41 of the Child Welfare Act indicates that “A foster home shall be a facility intended for admitting,
and providing foster care for children without a guardian, abused children,
and other children in need of foster care in terms of their environment,
as well as intended for providing consulting and other assistance such as teaching self-reliance to those who have become independent.”
Locations of foster home are approved by each prefectural governor,
based on the designation of the Director of the Child Consultation Center.
The Present Situation and Problems upon Leaving
the foster home
While caring for children currently at these facilities, staff also take the time to listen to children who come back to visit to discuss their problems and concerns.
Money is one of the most common issues.
The reason why is because the children who graduated from the facility
no longer can receive government support.
These children must cover all their living expenses and school expenses by themselves.
Questionnaire administered to graduates of
foster home:
What was the most pressing issue after graduating from the facility?
How Donations are Used
Donations are managed collectively by the administration office.
National Administration Office for foster home General Donation Website
Japan National Council of foster home General Donation Website
Donations are given to the foster home of choice selected by the donor.
Office in charge of the Fund for Graduates of foster home
Office in charge of the Fund for Graduates of foster home
The facility staff bestow the funds to graduates of the foster home.
The Graduates For Rent
Funds are used by the graduates for rent and daily living expenses.
The Ideal Form of Support as Recommended
by the People who Work in foster home
Our desire is to collect donations for children who will graduate from foster home.
We, the staff who work in these facilities, ask that you consider the children who are approaching graduation.
Many graduates are snubbed by society and left to fend for themselves in unfavorable environments.
Despite the harsh circumstances, these children strive to make a life for themselves, pushing towards a brighter tomorrow.
Please donate to such children.
What kind of organization is the Japan Children's Home Foundation?
This organization is comprised of people who are seriously focused on making these children’s dreams a reality. Some of the members work at foster home. We establish and enact projects which help children’s dreams come true.
What is the reason you chose this as your focus?
Administrative Director Akihiro Hongo
Back when I was a student, I had a friend who had been abused and deeply hurt by his father. At that time, I gathered as much information as I could, wondering if there was anything I could do for my friend.
I still remember feeling frustrated because I couldn't do anything at that time. From that experience,
I studied psychology and social welfare at university, and volunteered at foster home.
I gained knowledge and deepened my understanding of the current situation of foster home in Japan.
Upon graduation from university, I have been involved with children in foster home, working as a child instructor.
Chief Director
Hitoshi Ehara
Vice Director
Keisuke Uehara
Make a Donation
It is said that one out of every six children in Japan is living in poverty. The National Child Support Center General Donation Site Management Office strives to support as many children as possible, to break the chains of poverty. Children need hope for the future. And we need your support.
Examples of what you can do with your donation
3,000 yen x 10 people
One childSupporting rent and living expenses
5,000 yen x 21 people
1 facility 3.5 children
Supporting rent and living expenses
10,000 yen × 31.5 people
3 facilities 10.5 children
Supporting rent and living expenses
30,000 yen x 35 people
10 facilities of 35 children
Supporting rent and living expenses
Donate with Paypal
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Bank Transfer
Donations via bank transfer are also accepted.
Bank transfers can be made to the bank accounts below.
Japan Post Bank
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1906815 (Normal)
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Regarding Personal Information
Individuals who make donations on the website will be recognized for their contribution. If you do not wish to disclose your personal information, please choose the setting to keep information private when filling out the donation form.
Donations Via Credit Card
Credit card payments are securely handled through a PayPal. Payment via credit card is possible if you have a card with an international logo (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS). Normally, the entire donation amount is set aside for contribution. However in the case of credit card payments, a portion of the donation (3.8% to 4.0% depending on the type of credit card) is deducted as a system fee. Thank you for your understanding.
About Receipts
For donations via bank transfer
Present the bank transfer slip. We will provide a receipt of your donation.

For donations via credit card
Present the credit card statement. We will provide a receipt of your donation.
About the Organization
Name Japan Children's Home Foundation(JCF)
Established April 1, 2019 (General Incorporated Association)
May 10, 2010 (NPO Certification)
December 1, 2008 (Established Volunteer Organization)
Address (Headquarters) 107-0062 2F, 3-4-6 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
(Bureau) 170-0014 1-5-8 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Nagashio Hospital No. 6 Building 3F
Telephone 03-6434-5047 (Headquarters)
Directors 7 Directors
Chief Director Hitoshi Ehara
Vice Director Keisuke Uehara
Administrative Director Akihiro Hongo
Director Takafumi Suzuki
Four others
With cooperation by Directors and staff of foster home
Graduates of foster home
Yui Law Office Legal Representative Daisuke Nakamura
Activities Management of the Children’s Home(Orphanage) After-care Fund
Management of National Child Support Center General Donation Site
Training volunteers in foster home and providing funds
After care study group for graduates (held twice a month)
Support NPO Social Welfare Organization Hinatabokko
National Child Support Center General Donation Site